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On this page you can play virtual Tubie. Click on any design below to play it.

The playscreens have been rated for difficulty based on the number of wheels and pins included. The easy ones are here to give you the idea. The Sudoku Tubie which is on sale has six wheels and the 12 pin arrangement shown below (but the arrangement of numbers shown here is different from the one in the shops!).

To move the wheels, hold your mouse above or below one of the pins. Click on the finbar. Some of the wheels will move up or down by one cell. You are trying to line up one row of shapes or colours against the left-hand wheel, which doesn't rotate.

Note that the solutions pages are designed to work in all browsers but are struggling in Firefox as of Dec 2011.

If you can't solve one row, try another. You can usually only get one at a time. There is a reset button and a way to record your moves.

For the Cream Tea version, shortest solutions are shown on the playscreen. For all the others you are invited to complete the lines. If you can beat the best score shown, submit your moves, and they will go up on the site with a credit. This is easy at the moment, because very few have been solved at all! Unsolved lines are shown as "n/a".


Easy - five wheels and few pins

Symbols thumb 7 pins layout Bamboo thumb 9-3222 layout Maths thumb 9-4221 layout

Medium - six wheels and various pins

Creamtea thumb 12-33222 layout Laura thumb 13-33331 layout wedding thumb 10-32221 layout

Tricky - most pins

All3s thumb 15-44421 layout Golf thumb 16-54421 layout Driving thumb 20-54443 layout


GCC thumb 12-33222 layout Bowling thumb 13-33331 layout