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Tubie designs - click to see larger images. This is where we are storing all the designs that have been created for Tubies (or PatternCatches, as the hand-made units were called). Options would be selected here and linked through to the Orders page.

Now that the Sudoku Tubie is in the shops, we are no longer making them by hand and this page is of mainly nostalgic interest. But it may stimulate ideas for other designs that can be manufactured in volume. In particular we are keen to attract corporate customers and brand owners. If you think your company logo or your branded images would look good on a Tubie - and what wouldn't? - then please contact us!

All3s thumb Maths thumb wedding thumb Driving thumb Creamtea thumb Laura thumb FullEnglish thumb Symbols thumb Golf2 thumb Bamboo thumb GCC thumb Bowling thumb Politics thumb
All 3s pic All 3s has six coloured lines and six lines of shapes. It also has the special feature that will take you right round the rainbow in sets of three moves. See video here
Choose from these alternative styles

Maths pic
All of the numbers will make a sum in at least two ways, but there's only one way to make them all work at once!

(Or just line up the colours.)
Choose a colour scheme

Wedding pic Change the names on the Wedding model, and you might also want to put the venue or the date, or have an additional puzzle line.
Enter your top line wording:
Your second line wording:
Your third line wording:
Wedding List - Please select three or four items for your design, to make six lines in all.

driving pic We have a number of encouraging slogans for drivers, or you can design your own
Choose one of these designs, or write in the box
Cream Tea pic A Cream Tea is obviously unimprovable, so there are no variants on this design.

Although, depending on the time of day, you may prefer the Full English.
Dancepic Invertigo is our favourite LA dance company.

Link to Invertigo
Select one of these shows for your design
Full English pic Full English celebrates a birthday at our favourite B&B, in Bury St Edmunds.
Enter your top-line wording:
Menu - Please select four items if you would like a different breakfast

Symbols pic This design has a rainbow of symbols, and is available on white, blue or grey, or for a striking effect on clear wheels using a coloured axle
Golfpic We have a number of ball games, and are happy to have more, just ask.
Enter your top line wording:
Your second line wording:
Please select your sport

Bamboopic Bamboo is just pretty. Images are from Sketchup, the best discovery of this project.

GCCpic The GCC design works by displaying one message (in red) in the start position, and then by a short series of moves revealing a second message in green. (See here)

You can either have the Global Credit Crunch, or your own wording, but note that it works best with five or six letter words! And we'll handle the positioning of the letters, you just give us the two messages.
Enter your top line wording:
Your third line wording:
Your fifth line wording:
Your second line wording:
Your fourth line wording:
Your sixth line wording:
Dancepic Could your Bowling league use a new design of trophy?

This one is a bit specialised. The blue and green lines can be matched up as normal but you will need to understand how to score at Tenpin Bowling to unscramble the two red lines.

Note that the Bowling design on the Play page has all ten frames, but the real world version only has frames 5 to 10, to give you a chance!
Enter your top line wording:
Your second line wording:
Politics General Election 2010

What can we say?

It was all so exciting at the time.